SchoolCafé is a powerful, time-saving solution for families to stay connected to their child’s cafeteria. Our family hub provides access to important information such as menus, eligibility benefits, and even the ability to make online payments. Here are a few examples of how SchoolCafé supports all your cafeteria needs.

  • Menus: Fueling Informed Choices

    Imagine having access to daily, weekly, and monthly menus at your fingertips. SchoolCafé empowers families to make informed decisions about their children’s meals, taking into account dietary needs and restrictions. Say goodbye to mealtime confusion and hello to effortless meal planning.

  • Applications: Streamlined Eligibility Benefits

    Applying for free or reduced meal eligibility has never been this convenient. With SchoolCafé, parents can not only apply, but also access and download all notification letters in one easy-to-navigate location. If they have additional documentation, it can be submitted hassle-free to your district.

  • Cafeteria Balances & Payments: Peace of Mind

    We understand the importance of ensuring students always have sufficient funds for school meals. SchoolCafé connects with the user’s cafeteria account to easily monitor the balance, and make payments whenever needed. Auto-pay makes it a breeze to keep student accounts topped up. The auto-pay feature lets you set up low balance alerts, notifying you when to replenish the account. Managing cafeteria balances has never been so stress-free.

  • Reviewing Records

    With payment and purchase history, SchoolCafe provides a streamlined way to view accurate reports. It’s a helpful tool for tracking student’s cafeteria activities.

Let SchoolCafé be your companion for a nourishing school experience and streamlined access to information that matters to your community. To learn more about SchoolCafé or to request marketing materials for your community, please don’t hesitate to contact us at