Join Us At ANC!

At this year’s ANC, we’ll be showing off the latest in school nutrition software. Stop by booth 953 to get hands on with PrimeroEdge’s latest software solutions!


See The Latest Software

Get hands-on with the latest software solutions from PrimeroEdge. Speak with our product owners about what’s new, what’s coming, and how it can help your program.


Join Our Presentation

Cheyenne Meyer will be giving her presentation: Marketing Your Cafeteria To Generation Z. Be sure to visit July 9th at 9:15am to learn about the newest generation and what your cafeteria can do to win them over!


Stop By Our Lounges

Every year PrimeroEdge sponsors district and state lounges for ANC attendees. Grab a free snack and enjoy a quiet retreat from the regular conference activities.

See Our Lounges