What’s Covered

Electronic production records are clean, concise, and easy to maintain while providing an abundance of data for your program management and planning. If you’re using Menu Planning but stopped short of implementing the PrimeroEdge Production module watch this online demonstration to see some top features of the software that will inspire you to take that next step.

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Simplify the menu production process

Leave behind the hassle of organizing paper documents to prepare for your Administrative Review.

PrimeroEdge streamlines the process. Production Records are automatically created and electronically published to each site upon menu assignment. Instantly view Production Records and check the status on each of your site’s production calendars.

Menu Planning


PrimeroEdge USDA-Approved

PrimeroEdge is USDA-approved for nutrient analysis to meet school meal program requirements, and for certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements. Quickly ensure nutrient standards are met each week with the weighted analysis method. Determine if the current meal pattern requirements are met with ease. PrimeroEdge Menu Planning even comes pre-loaded with ingredients from the Child Nutrition (CN) database.