Edge Summit

Day 1 Presentations

Theme: Innovation and Education

General Session: Caring for Your Success 

Learn more about how the PrimeroEdge Customer Care and Customer Success teams are structured, and how they work together to help your program achieve excellence.


Breakout A: Let’s Taco ‘Bout It! Improving the C&C in Your SNP 

Join this interactive session to learn how C&C are essential in your school nutrition program. Explore the fundamentals of communication, learn how to put your communication skills to use, and understand how to effectively get your team to cooperate with one another.


Breakout B: The Inside Scoop on ARs 

Find out exactly what State Agency auditors are looking for when conducting an Administrative Review – and how you can use PrimeroEdge to get ready for “the big day”.


Breakout A: Eat With Your Eyes 2.0 

No fancy cameras required for this food photography workshop! Brush up on the basics, and pick up new skills as you learn how to take high quality images of your food for your digital menus and menu boards.


Breakout B: Bucks ‘n Boxes: Inventory and Financial Management 

How can I effectively balance my inventory levels? How can I take control of waste management? And what in the world are KPIs? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this session with a subject matter expert.


Breakout A: Policy for Your Pantry: A Legislative Update 

If you want to know more about how recent legislative changes may affect your child nutrition program in 2018, join this breakout session. You’ll hear about all things LAC, as well as upcoming proposed changes to regulations and funding.


Breakout B: Your Cafeteria Connected 

Discover best practices for marketing to your students where they are – in the digital space. Learn how to utilize social media, push notifications, digital menu boards and mobile apps to connect your community to your cafeteria.


Closing the Year/Starting the New Year Training 

The end of the school year is right around the corner! Learn what you need to do to get all your ducks in a row for closing up the school year and beginning the new school year with PrimeroEdge.