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Day 1 – March 8, 2018

Theme: Innovation and Education

Breakfast + Registration (8-9 am)

Welcome (9 am)

General Session: New Year, New Us (9:15 am)

Discover the exciting new innovations coming down the pipeline at PrimeroEdge. Find out more about new updates, modules, devices and plans for the future to help your child nutrition program reach new heights.

Keynote: Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale (10:15 am)

World-famous Houston entrepreneur and philanthropist “Mattress Mack” shares his secrets to keeping your customers coming back for more.

Break + Meet & Greet (10:45 am)

General Session: Caring for Your Success  (11:00 am)

Learn more about how the PrimeroEdge Customer Care and Customer Success teams are structured, and how they work together to help your program achieve excellence.

Lunch (Noon)

Breakout A: Let’s Taco ‘Bout It! Improving the C&C in Your SNP (1:15 pm)

Join this interactive session to learn how C&C are essential in your school nutrition program. Explore the fundamentals of communication, learn how to put your communication skills to use, and understand how to effectively get your team to cooperate with one another.

Breakout B: The Inside Scoop on ARs (1:15 pm)

Find out exactly what State Agency auditors are looking for when conducting an Administrative Review – and how you can use PrimeroEdge to get ready for “the big day”.

Breakout A: Eat With Your Eyes 2.0 (2:00 pm)

No fancy cameras required for this food photography workshop! Brush up on the basics, and pick up new skills as you learn how to take high quality images of your food for your digital menus and menu boards.

Breakout B: Bucks ‘n Boxes: Inventory and Financial Management (2:00 pm)

How can I effectively balance my inventory levels? How can I take control of waste management? And what in the world are KPIs? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this session with a subject matter expert.

Breakout A: Policy for Your Pantry: A Legislative Update (2:45 pm)

If you want to know more about how recent legislative changes may affect your child nutrition program in 2018, join this breakout session. You’ll hear about all things LAC, as well as upcoming proposed changes to regulations and funding.

Breakout B: Your Cafeteria Connected (2:45 pm)

Discover best practices for marketing to your students where they are – in the digital space. Learn how to utilize social media, push notifications, digital menu boards and mobile apps to connect your community to your cafeteria.

Interactive Activity: Product Base Camp – A Hands-On Experience (3:30 pm)

After climbing the Edge Summit all day, you’ll want to meet us at Base Camp. Join the PrimeroEdge Product Development team in this interactive session as they demonstrate the functionalities of our latest innovations and devices in child nutrition technology.

Day 2 – March 9, 2018

Theme: Training

Breakfast (8-9 am)

Training Overview (9 am)

Menu Planning Training (9:05 am)

Our Customer Success Trainers will walk you through getting the most out of your PrimeroEdge Menu Planning module. – from flexible menus to ingredients and stock items. 

Reports Training (9:05 am)

The PrimeroEdge suite of solutions offers advanced reporting capabilities – but what are all the reports used for? Learn more about the importance and use of PrimeroEdge reports in this training session.

Break (10:05 am)

Inventory Training (10:15 am)

This training session offers an in-depth dive into using PrimeroEdge Inventory to ensure effective inventory management in your operations.

Menu Planning Q&A (10:15 am)

Need questions answered that weren’t answered in the Menu Planning training? Join this 30-minute Q&A session.

Closing the Year/Starting the New Year Training (11:15 am)

The end of the school year is right around the corner! Learn what you need to do to get all your ducks in a row for closing up the school year and beginning the new school year with PrimeroEdge.

Inventory Q&A (11:15 am)

Need questions answered that weren’t answered in the Inventory training? Join this 30-minute Q&A session.

Lunch (12:15 pm)

Stump the Trainer (1:30 pm)

Back by popular demand, join us for Stump the Trainer – the PrimeroEdge game show! Submit your PrimeroEdge-related questions to the Customer Success Team. If you “stump the trainer”, you’re going home with a prize!

Closing Remarks + Prizes (2:30 pm)

Each attendee is entered to win one of three awesome prizes. See if it’s your lucky day in our closing ceremony! You must be present to win.

Summit Conclusion (3:00 pm)


Session Topics*

Inspections, ExpressPoint
Get to know the new Inspections module and explore new features in the ExpressPoint POS app.

GS1, IntelliScan
Come see how PrimeroEdge is integrating with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to deliver trusted, accurate, enriched product content.  Launch of the IntelliScan 2.0 app.

PrimeroEdge Module Integration
Discover how all the PrimeroEdge modules are integrated to one central platform.

Front Office Reporting
An overview of front office reporting and a sneak peek at new reporting features and business intelligence tools.

Back Office Reporting
An overview of back office reporting and a sneak peek at new reporting features and business intelligence tools.

It’s All About SchoolCafé
All-encompassing session for SchoolCafé, SchoolCafé TV 2.0, and introducing District Admin Management within the SchoolCafé app –for both iOS and Android devices.

Menu Planning, Production
Introducing a new feature, Menu Bar, which allows the sharing of sub menus/lines (such as a shared salad bar) within the planning and pre/post production process.

Tips & Tricks
PrimeroEdge users share tips and tricks in PrimeroEdge to improve their processes.

Best Practices for Troubleshooting
PrimeroEdge experts share best practices regarding data flow, import/export processes, and restrictions.

Discover ways to manage your program’s dollars.

Eating Soup with a Spoon
Discover ways to align your standard operating procedures with PrimeroEdge.

Software Security Compliance
Learn how PrimeroEdge stays compliant with 508 and ADA.

*agenda topics subject to change
*full schedule coming soon