PrimeroEdge will use data provided by the Indiana users to enter into PrimeroEdge throughout the implementation process. We will collect Ingredient and Recipe data from the first group of mentors and review the data to ensure it meets USDA standards, remove duplicates and verify data integrity with manufacturer websites. We will consult with the mentors to develop best practices and guidelines for naming convention, item tags and HACCP defaults to ensure that the data is entered in a way that will be useable by all districts across the state.

Data will be entered into a Shared Data Source that will be accessible by Indiana users, but will not be editable by users. Data can be converted to local data if modifications are required.

Each group of new users will submit their current data to be added to the shared data source and will have access to the data as they prepare their menus. The new data will be verified to ensure it meets USDA standards, does not contain duplicates in the shared data source and manufacturer data is complete.

Users can submit additional data to be shared by all users via email. The data will be verified before adding to the shared data source.

PrimeroEdge will work with the mentor group and district users as needed to collect additional required data that is not provided and advise on the best way to integrate current data into PrimeroEdge.