Your menus, now mobile

Districts in Indiana have free access to PrimeroEdge’s menu planning software. Now you can take your menus mobile with PrimeroEdge’s SchoolCafé.

With SchoolCafé, parents and students can access their menus, see nutritional information, and check allergy information all from SchoolCafé.

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Make your menus mobile

All districts in Indiana get access to PrimeroEdge’s menu planning software at no cost. Now you can sync your menus with SchoolCafé. Publish menus with a click and have parents and students easily see food items, nutrition info, and even allergy information.

SchoolCafé cuts out the need for lengthy import processes and gives districts the tools to create menus, edit items, and change menus on the fly.

Create digital menu boards

SchoolCafé TV allows schools to display their meals as beautiful and engaging digital menus. Customize your digital menu board to fit any menu, at any time. Because SchoolCafé TV automatically syncs with your PrimeroEdge Menu Planning and the rest of SchoolCafé, there’s no need for cumbersome imports or constant updates.

SchoolCafe TV Digital Menu Board