Accurately determine student eligibility for meal program benefits across all SFAs in a centrally-managed cloud-based solution that provides real-time access to statewide data. PrimeroEdge helps state agencies receive high quality and easily accessible information that is automatically transferred between SFAs.


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Key Benefits

  • Monitor SFAs with ease to ensure compliance

  • Get quick and accurate eligibility determination enhanced by statewide online applications

  • Improve your administrative control through remote web-based review capability

  • Get real-time access to statewide data for better analysis and decision making

  • Meet all USDA and state reporting requirements

Key Features

  • Electronically determines student eligibility status (eliminating mathematical miscalculation and other instances of human error)

  • Maintains student eligibility documentation in a central, accessible, and secure system for SFAs and state

  • Expedites the application review process for SFAs and the state, reducing the amounts of fiscal action required

  • Carries eligibility status and information with the student throughout any SFA in the state

  • Provides various forms for notification, results, and customizable letter templates

  • Generates reports that comply with all federal reporting requirements (FNS-742, FNS-834)

  • Requires complete entry of data fields in the application to deliver higher quality submissions

Digital Applications

Apply in Minutes

With SchoolCafé Digital Applications, parents can select their students, input all of their household information, and complete their application within minutes. Application statuses will be instantly updated to their accounts once processed.

Tailored Process

SchoolCafé tailors the application process to make applying easy, quick, and seamless. Districts can utilize any of their desired languages into PrimeroEdge in order to translate household letters for applications. Parents only need to fill out information that fits their needs.

Instant Communication

Applications completed via SchoolCafé are immediately sent to the PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility module for districts to review and approve. The real-time integration between SchoolCafé and PrimeroEdge allows parents to submit applications, respond to verification, and check statuses all within the app.

Student Eligibility

Easy Validation

District users can validate applications in the PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility module for increased accuracy with data displayed in an easy-to-follow single-page layout. Admin users simply have to confirm the data and make updates as needed within the screen.

Simplified Verification

PrimeroEdge provides standard or alternate sampling methods for districts to conduct verification. Users can also add applications “for cause” at any time. The system allows districts to notify applications by mail or email, along with required verification forms. Districts can then track applications in their verification sample to view response status at any time during the process.

Streamlined Review Process

Supporting documents can be stored, viewed, or printed to streamline the review process. PrimeroEdge helps track all application details and verification activities in the system for audit-readiness. Further reduce on-site time by granting remote access to Reviewers for all audit-specific details.

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