Apply in Minutes

Applying for free and reduced meals via SchoolCafé makes the application process easier than ever. Parents can select their students, input household information, and complete their application all within minutes. No need cumbersome forms or mailing physical applications.

Tailored Process

SchoolCafé applications tailors the application process to make applying easy, quick, and seamless. Parents only need to fill out information that fits their needs.

Verify Instantly

Once a parent fills out an application via SchoolCafé, districts can review it and approve their application immediately. With seamless integration into the PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility module, SchoolCafé cuts down the application process, from start to finish, in less than three minutes.


Easy Validation

The validation process is a breeze, with all your application data displayed in an easy-to-follow one-page layout. All you have to do is simply confirm the data and make updates as needed on your screen.

Reduce Workload

Sampling criteria options automatically select your verification sample to reduce your administrative workload, while never compromising the integrity of the selected pool.

Streamline Review Process

Streamline the review process by storing, viewing, or printing uploaded documents supporting application details and verification activities. Reduce on-site time by granting remote access for Reviewers to view to audit-specific details for applications, verification documents, statistical sampling, and student rosters.