Menu Planning & Production

PrimeroEdge is a centralized, state-level system that provides both State Agencies and School Food Authorities (SFAs) with real-time tools to reduce work, provide compliance feedback, and remotely monitor to ensure success.

We offer a web-based, streamlined way to perform all functions related to menu planning and production records, as well as associated reviews, all without installing a single program.

Menu Planning: Reduce workload for SFAs

  • Share ingredients, recipes, menus and menu cycles with PrimeroEdge’s centralized database
  • Modify menus in one shared environment for all SFAs at the same time
  • Decrease duplicate data entry for the State Agency
  • Ensure the State Agency analyzes menus with the exact information used by the SFA
  • The State Agency can mark a shared ingredient or recipe as ‘Verified’ to help SFAs know what items are ready for use
  • Give SFAs access to find intriguing new recipes to increase student participation
  • PrimeroEdge is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs and use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements.
  • Provides real-time compliance feedback to menu planners as they build menus
  • Standardized, statewide menus or menu cycles, that already meet requirements, save menu planners valuable time
  • Provide SFAs with forecasting tools to help them save money and reduce waste
  • Choose your forecast period and type, and even blend multiple types to create your own custom combined forecast
  • Generate a list of all forecasted items and their quantities for your bidding and budgeting needs
  • Conveniently review and check for district compliance with the statewide summary report
  • Allows the state to report to USDA with real data, and offer help to the districts that need it, providing the ultimate in oversight and technical assistance needs
  • Allergens are marked at the ingredient level for automatic tracking to the recipe and beyond
  • The eight standard allergens plus gluten are already built in, along with 60+ custom allergens
  • Track HACCP processes with automatic generation to recipe reports for immediate communication to the SFAs’ kitchen staff

 Production: Seamless Electronic Integration

Administrative Reviews: Optimize On-Site Reviews

  • Streamline the process of conducting nutrient analysis with PrimeroEdge’s statewide system
  • Dramatically reduce the need for the State Agency to manually input nutritional information
  • Proactively identify and correct deficiencies prior to meal service
  • Accomplish a significant amount of the review remotely from the convenience of the reviewer’s desk
  • Review ingredients, recipes, menus, menu cycles and production records remotely
  • Electronic production records are well-organized, searchable, and easy to read, making a more efficient review process
  • Target time spent on-site to specific areas to determine if potential findings exist
  • Allocate additional time to provide training and technical assistance, transferring knowledge from the State Agency to SFA child nutrition staff