USDA Approved Menu Planning


PrimeroEdge is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs and use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements. Quickly ensure nutrient standards are met each week with the weighted analysis method. Determine if the current meal pattern requirements are met with ease. PrimeroEdge Menu Planning even comes pre-loaded with ingredients from the Child Nutrition (CN) database.


PrimeroEdge auto-fills production plan counts with a thorough examination of historical information, including previous plans, menu planning counts, or forecasted counts. Generate automatic production orders based on your production plans with PrimeroEdge Inventory.

Ensure the plate cost for each school week is within your budget.

Determine precise costing based on linked stock items. Keep track of the costing details you care about. Integrate data from Inventory to utilize the yield factor method- obtain both the ‘as purchased’ and ‘edible’ portions for your recipes.

Publish menus in real-time to the schoolcafé app and schoolcafé TV. Easily substitute menu items with one click. Display dynamic photographs of menu items with schoolcafé TV to attract your students to the lunch line.

Quick and Easy Menus

Easily scale recipes and use the yield factor all within the system. View nutritional information and menu costs while creating menus. Save time with menu cycles instead of copying the same menu every few weeks. Utilize tags to conveniently search through menu items.

Build and Comply - On the Fly

Find out if a menu is on the right path to compliance while you build it out, with a real-time nutrient compliance display and a full breakdown. Take advantage of pre-production analysis to ensure that the manager’s plans are compliant.


Centralize Your Data

Use shared data sources to significantly reduce data entry, increase efficiency, and save time. Securely store and share centralized data across your district. Decrease manual input by easily assigning the same menu across sites with site groups. Communicate quickly with your team.