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PEP Talks | 040 | Invisible Dad

| After hearing the shocking truth about unpaid meal debt at his daughter's school, one dad took matters into his own hands. Learn how Tony C - the "Invisible Dad" - helped pay for student [...]

PEP Talks | 037 | Serving Through the Storm

| Hear from Dani Sheffield, Susan D'Amico and Greg Alegre from Aldine ISD's Child Nutrition Department, as they share their story of serving the community in the middle of Hurricane Harvey. Find out more... Read [...]

PEP Talks | 036 | Milk Money

| One afternoon, Jackie Oelfke found her five-year-old granddaughter, Sunshine, counting money from her piggy bank on the living room floor. When she asked Sunshine what the money was for - her response will melt [...]

PEP Talks | 035 | Hairnets and Aprons

| JoAnn Wismer, self-proclaimed lunch lady and published author, shares her experiences serving in the child nutrition industry, how her book came to life, and four key pieces of advice for school nutrition professionals. Find [...]

PEP Talks | 034 | Ride and Dine

| Learn how radio hosts Dave Allan and Ginger G. paired up with motorcycle enthusiasts to raise money for student lunch debt in Bismarck, North Dakota. Find out more... Visit the Ride and Dine Facebook [...]

PEP Talks | 033 | Big Data


  Stacy Koppen and Lynn Broberg of St. Paul Public Schools talk about the powerful advantages of using data to transform your foodservice operations into a revenue-generating machine. Find out more... Saint Paul Public [...]