Hey parents! Have questions about SchoolCafé? Look no further! The below walkthroughs provide you with details with the ins and outs of the entire application, from creating an account to applying for benefits. Don’t forget, if you need additional assistance along the way, you can reach out to SchoolCafé support at or 855-729-2328.

Create Your Account

This tutorial provides parents with a walkthrough on how to create an account, access the login screen, and access the FAQ or customer support prior to logging in.

Dashboard Overview

Get familiar with the SchoolCafé dashboard. Change the default language, update your settings, and get email and notification alerts.

Add Your Student

Learn how to add students to your SchoolCafé account in this step by step video training video.

Payments, Restrictions, & Alerts

Learn how to add funds to your child’s SchoolCafé account, save payments information, set up purchase restrictions, and payment reminders in this tutorial.

Apply for Benefits

View and download your household letter, and apply for free and reduced benefits by inputing your income information and if applicable, information such as SNAP or TANF case number.

Notices & Purchase History

Parents can see in real-time if they were approved or denied for free or reduced benefits along with notice letters, and view purchase history as far back to the point of account creation.

Full-Length Webinar