State agencies with statewide POS can ensure the reduction of human errors to increase accuracy during meal counting and claiming. Securely maintain student personal information in a centralized software solution for SFAs and state agencies.


Key Benefits & Features

  • Reduce Errors Made During Meal Counts and Claiming

  • Avoid overt identification of eligibility status

  • Operate Program and Funds Efficiently

  • Integrates with multiple SIS systems

  • Ensure Data Quality & Security

  • Promote Accountability

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Identifies the dietary needs of students with allergens

  • Identifies balance/charge restrictions set by the district or by parents

  • Improve your administrative control through remote web-based review capability

  • Eliminate time spent in learning multiple POS or counting/claiming methods

  • Increase the State Agency’s ability to identify real-time trends and process improvement opportunities

Offline Functionality

SFAs will have access to a mobile POS that continues to operate even when the network is down or out of range, recording all transactions that come through and syncing them to the server once the connection is reestablished.

Menu Keys

Customizable menu keys make the cashier function easy to use and easy to read. Choose from a variety of colors and button sizes and arrange them in a way that works for the entire team. The POS menu grid provides 30 programmable menu keys on the screen’s grid. Each of these keys can hold up to 99 additional buttons so that cashiers can record specific items, allowing for increased reporting accuracy from sales transactions.

Student Lookup

Students can be found by their Patron ID number or with the POS Advance Lookup functionality. Advanced Lookup allows cashiers to search for a student via homeroom, grade level, or name. Student accounts can be queued in the system, or pulled by roster, to eliminate excessive wait times.


Managers can complete the end of the day sales activities by reviewing the opening and closing balances, transactions, and payments. If necessary, they are able to adjust closing balances and transactions that have been marked for review. All adjustments are user and time-stamped for complete audit trail documentation,


PrimeroEdge offers a wide variety of reports for central office staff and cafeteria managers to access. Reporting accessibility is determined by an administrator for which reports can be seen by the user. All reports can be exported into a wide variety of formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, TIFF, SML, and MHTML.

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