Ensure statewide compliance by tracking CEUs


Ensure statewide compliance by tracking CEUs

Team Work is our FREE web-based software for tracking employee CEUs and training. State Agencies can remotely review and access Professional Standards data, reducing any on-site time that is typically allocated during Administrative Reviews.


Key Benefits & Features

Quick and Easy Setup

  • Use on any device

  • Access preloaded and customizable topics and subtopics

Manage Events and Training

  • Flexible Training Event management

  • Create and edit events that are available to all SFAs

  • Configurable annual training requirements

  • Easily record training by individual or group

Track Employee Details

  • SFAs can track employees and their qualifications

  • Log, track and assign employee CEUs

  • Ability to transfer employee details across SFAs 

  • View and track any changes made to employee records

  • Reduce manual entry with bulk imports

  • Record training received by each employee from internal or external sources at the state agency and SFA level

Access Helpful Reports

  • View various reports, including list of employees that have not yet met the training requirements for the year

  • View last attended date and check for duplicate trainings

Review Data at Any Time

  • Review all data remotely

  • Check employee training progress every step of the way

  • Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of compliance progress including  expiring certifications, training hour breakdowns, and upcoming training opportunities in easy-to-read visuals