Gen Alpha Webbie

Menu Planning for Special Diets: Food Allergen Edition

The importance of accommodating allergens cannot be underestimated. We wanted to provide ways to fortify your operations, promote safety and prevent cross contact, and build free from allergen menus. This is especially helpful information if you’re willing to see how technology is used as a school’s best line of defense in terms of keeping students safe while eating.

Gen Alpha Webbie

Gen Alpha: Preparing for the Incoming Generation

Gen Alpha may only be 10 years old, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for them right now. In our latest webbie, we take a look at the newest generation making their way through the school system and how to effectively market to them.

Tips for RFPs Webbie

Tips for RFPSs

Maybe you are new to the RFP world, or maybe you are looking for ways to improve your RFPs and learn something new. In this webbie, PrimeroEdge’s very own RFP Specialist breaks down the most efficient way to write an RFP.

Simply Sustainable Webbie

Simply Sustainable

In this webbie, we explore the devastating effects that our choices have made to the environment and the opportunities for change. From reducing food waste in schools to the alternative and sustainable products that manufacturers have to offer to propel us into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Supercharge Your Verification Process - Webbie

Supercharge Your Verification Process

Feel like you’re forgetting something? In this webinar we’ll review some key methods and strategies used by school districts for successful verification. From planning to follow up, we got you covered!

Inspections Webbie

Inspections 101

Let’s get inspected! Marketing specialist and (at the time) certified food protection manager, Alex Szoeke, dives into the essentials of preparing for your required biannual food safety inspections.

Allergens Webbie

Allergens Webbie

In this PrimeroEdge Webbie, we discuss the importance of allergy awareness in schools, how to manage your nutrition department around food allergies, and why reading labels for specific allergens and making substitutions when needed is critical.

Serve This, Not That Webbie

Serve This, Not That

At one time or another in the child nutrition industry, you will come across a child who has certain dietary restrictions – whether by choice or by medical necessity. This presentation provides creative ways to plan your menus and feed these kids in ways that satisfy their palates without making them feel too much like an outsider.

Farm to Everything Webbie

Farm To Everything

What is “Farm to Everything”? And how can you bring more farm fresh foods into your feeding programs? Tune in to this free Webbie!

School Nutrition Toolkit Webbie

School Nutrition Toolkit

Did you know there are numerous free resources to help school nutrition professionals? In this PrimeroEdge Webbie, we look into the little known tools districts can use to help their program succeed. All the tools mentioned are available now to districts and at no cost!

Your Implementation Playbook Webbie

Your Implementation Playbook

When it comes to your school nutrition program, implementing new software can seem like a daunting task. In this 30 minute webinar, get the inside scoop on best practices for implementing software and see how to avoid common mistakes.

Eat With Your Eyes Webbie

Eat With Your Eyes

Join this webinar to walk through maintenance-free innovations for your digital signage. Learn the best practices to make the most of the TVs you have, and start marketing vibrant digital menus to your students.

Understanding and Managing Professional Standards Webbie

Understanding and Managing Professional Standards

Understanding professional standards, CEU’s, and constantly changing regulations can be difficult for any school nutrition director.

In our latest Webbie, we look at best practices for professional standards in school nutrition and give tips on tracking compliance.

How to Market Your SFSP Webbie

How to Market Your Summer Food Service Program

You’ve spent months planning for a successful Summer Food Service Program – now market it!

This interactive webinar will provide you with helpful hints for marketing your summer program to the kids and families you serve. Marketing generates awareness. Awareness generates increased participation all summer long!