I think PrimeroEdge has made inventory a lot easier, because we used to run on paper. Now the managers from each kitchen can actually see when they’re withdrawing their items and they know that their inventory is updated currently day-to-day.

Maged Ayyad, Cy-Fair ISD

It offers all of the software options that we need in one program, and it all works together. When I came across PrimeroEdge, I immediately knew this is the way we want to go. That’s why we moved forward with it, and it’s been a good experience – a very good team to work with.

Michelle Carroll, Minneapolis Public Schools

PrimeroEdge has made it a lot easier, because before I even started with this district, they were using six separate entities but now we just use one – which makes it a lot easier for our managers and for us in the food service office.

Tyesha Simmons, Mesquite ISD