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The Pennsylvania Department of Education has purchased PrimeroEdge to provide all Pennsylvania districts with school nutrition software – all at no cost.

Districts in Pennsylvania can now sign up and get access to PrimeroEdge’s Student EligibilityMenu Planning, and Production software.


SchoolCafe Eligibility (for parents)

Applying for Free and Reduced meals via SchoolCafé makes the application process easier than ever. Parents can select their students, input household information, and complete their application all within minutes. No need for cumbersome forms or mailing physical applications.

SchoolCafé Applications tailors the application process to make applying easy, quick, and seamless. Parents only need to fill out information that fits their needs.

Once a parent fills out an application via SchoolCafé, districts can review it and approve their application immediately. With seamless integration into PrimeroEdge, SchoolCafé cuts down the application process, from start to finish, to only a few minutes.

Student Eligibility (for districts)

Provide faster service, accurate processing of applications and greater efficiency to families in your district. 

PrimeroEdge takes the work out of identifying students in your district who are eligible for meal benefits.  

Eligibility determinations are immediately updated on student profiles, ensuring decisions reflect to ExpressPoint (Point Of Sale) in real time without the need for importing or uploading benefit lists.

SchoolCafé Eligibility allows you to send customized push notifications directly to a parent’s phone to alert them when applications are open, deadlines are coming up, or to remind them to upload documents needed for Verification.

Menu Planning

PrimeroEdge is USDA-approved for nutrient analysis to meet school meal program requirements, and for certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements. Quickly ensure nutrient standards are met each week with the weighted analysis method. Determine if the current meal pattern requirements are met with ease. PrimeroEdge Menu Planning even comes pre-loaded with ingredients from the Child Nutrition (CN) database.


Leave behind the hassle of organizing paper documents to prepare for your Administrative Review.

PrimeroEdge streamlines the process. Production Records are automatically created and electronically published to each site upon menu assignment. Instantly view Production Records and check the status on each of your site’s production calendars.