Let Us Handle It

Take out the “guesswork” of inventory management. Let PrimeroEdge handle your inventory with a fully-integrated management system that seamlessly integrates with other PrimeroEdge modules.

Real-time communication between the central office and sites allows for accurate and up-to-date information. Real-time updates also allow for on-the-fly decision making.

Advanced reporting capabilities give you a closer look into your inventory. Through inventory tracking software, you can easily identify problem areas within your nutrition program.

With built-in accountability features, you can encourage positive behavior from all employees – cutting down on theft and “hoarding”.


Introducing IntelliScan – the first mobile inventory scanner in the child nutrition industry. IntelliScan streamlines your inventory processes and cuts down on human error. Say goodbye to printed count sheets – with IntelliScan, you can count your physical inventory all from a mobile device.

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Bid Analysis: Automate and Simplify the Bidding Process

Utilize a secure online system to create and manage bids for your inventory items.

They bid. We analyze. You get the best value. It’s as simple as that.