Student Eligibility

Provide faster service, accurate processing of applications and greater efficiency to families in your district. 

PrimeroEdge takes the work out of identifying students in your district who are eligible for meal benefits.  


Eligibility determinations are immediately updated on student profiles, ensuring decisions reflect to ExpressPoint (Point Of Sale) in real time without the need for importing or uploading benefit lists.

SchoolCafé Eligibility allows you to send customized push notifications directly to a parent’s phone to alert them when applications are open, deadlines are coming up, or to remind them to upload documents needed for Verification.


Reduce the cost of printing and scanning paper applications with online submission methods tailored to increase parent participation.


To ensure you apply the most accurate meal benefits, Student Eligibility identifies students with prior application submissions, evaluates the new information, and assigns the highest benefit whenever possible.

Import Direct Certification lists from your State Agency into PrimeroEdge and match lists across your Student Information System.

Rigorous matching criteria detects the smallest differences, ensuring that no errors slip through and only the highest percentage of matches are made. From name variations in spelling and phonetics, to addresses and birthdays – matching algorithms ensure accurate matching.


Progress tracking settings paint a clear picture of every step of the Verification process for a selected application. You’ll never miss a thing when verifying eligibility, guaranteeing accurate reimbursement rates.

Is a low response rate getting you down? With push notifications and alerts sent directly to the parents’ phones, you can secure higher response and participation rates during the verification period.

Avoid the rush with Rolling Verification supported by PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility.

Sampling criteria options automatically select your verification sample to reduce your administrative workload, while never compromising the integrity of the selected pool.

Increase Response rates with online or app-based verification, making it easier for parents to quickly upload supporting documents and respond to your requests right away.

Documents, such as letters, pay stubs, images, and more can be uploaded, saved with the student’s record, and then reviewed or printed when needed by simply opening the student’s record.


  • Reduce on-site time by granting remote access for Reviewers to view to audit-specific details for applications, verification documents, statistical sampling, and student rosters.

  • Streamline the review process by storing, viewing, or printing uploaded documents supporting application details and verification activities.

  • Understand your district’s progress at a glance with a dashboard display of Free and Reduced application entry methods and breakdowns of eligibility.