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ExpressPoint is an app based tool that helps school cafeteria cashiers move through their serving lines quicker. Instead of setting up expensive terminals, go mobile and get up and running instantly.

ExpressPoint’s responsive interface works on all screen dimensions – from hand held devices to large desktop monitors. Cloud-based, ExpressPoint goes where you go.

Start the day off right with breakfast in the classroom. Now teachers can record meals instantly. Cut the cord with untethered service while serving grab-and-go items with ease.

Our ExpressPoint app continues to operate offline, recording all transactions that come through. As soon as the network connection is reestablished, the system will sync back up and send any unprocessed transactions to the database for accurate reporting.

Untether POS With ExpressPoint

With instantly intuitive Point of Service (POS), view and modify transactions, reconcile sessions, generate reports, and much more.

More mobility allows more options for schools and students. Breakfast in the classroom, grab-and-go items, and nontraditional serving areas become possible when not tied down to traditional, clunky POS terminals.

Students are increasingly searching for new food options. Limiting meals to strictly the cafeteria misses opportunities to reach students. Broaden your scope by offering breakfast in the classroom or snacks between periods.

Excessive wait in lines cuts down on lunch time for students, and can dissuade them from participating in school nutritional programs. With simple-to-operate point of service that goes where students go, staff can queue students and eliminate the need for lines.

Food waste can be a major contributor to a ballooning budget and offering items students reject only leads to decreased student participation. Sidestep the foods students tend to reject and instead offer only the best sellers students love to eat and share using menu insight reports.

Missing funds and lost product can quickly add up. Effective POS keeps your honest people honest. Blind close and accurate cash reconciliation safeguards your money and prevents loss.

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Vending POS
Vending POS

PrimeroEdge’s Vending solution is integrated with PrimeroEdge’s Point of Service (POS) for seamless meal transactions and reporting.

With Vending, districts have the power to reach more of their students by providing options outside of the cafeteria. Many districts that have implemented vending for their nutrition programs have seen up to a 20% increase in sales annually.