Simplify the menu production process

Leave behind the hassle of organizing paper documents to prepare for your Administrative Review.

PrimeroEdge streamlines the process. Production Records are automatically created and electronically published to each site upon menu assignment. Instantly view Production Records and check the status on each of your site’s production calendars.

  • Improve projected counts with multiple forecasting tools.
  • Effortlessly track carryovers.
  • Easily calculate serving cost to stay within your budget.
  • Utilize tools to learn how much food is wasted. Stay informed to continue minimizing waste.
  • Accurately fill Production Plans with historical program data.
  • Reduce the stress of an Administrative Review with instantly accessible electronic Production Records.
  • Free up hours spent scanning, copying and emailing files to your team.
  • Electronically receive, organize and document production information in one location.
  • Quickly determine food quantities needed for today, and future meals, with information from Production Records.
  • Order the right quantity of the right items using the Grocery List. Create production orders automatically based on planned counts.

Seamless Integration Across PrimeroEdge Solutions