Without students hungry for healthy, school-provided meals, there can’t be school nutritional programs. Increasing participation ensures students never go without nutritious meals while also guaranteeing your programs success.

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With increasingly expensive food and out of control food waste, food costs are at an all-time high. Reign in expenses to safeguard your school nutrition program.

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By maximizing your staff and ensuring accurate time management, reduce your labor costs and make available funds for what really matters – delicious food for students.

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Constant changes in regulations and increased administrative reviews can make USDA compliance an ever-increasing uncertainty.

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Cumbersome software is not just a daily headache, but can be an obstacle for new staff or a liability when it’s time for the end-of-year rollover.

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“Incorporating Primero software into the operation of our department has been the single, most important purchase we have made in the past three years.”

Introduced as a bipartisan solution, S 764, or the GMO labeling bill, has received mixed reactions from those on both […]

Houston, TX – April 5, 2016 – PrimeroEdge, the leader in school nutrition software, has announced the launch of a mobile inventory […]

Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran in school nutrition, or maybe you’re new to the scene. No matter your role or […]

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