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This eBook breaks down the requirements for Directors at both the district and state level. Learn how to take steps that help your employees see training as something that they want to do, rather than something they’re being dragged into doing.

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A political battle boils over the fate of school nutrition. First, review what’s happening behind the scenes since the new government took power. Then, discuss what potential sweeping changes could mean for your program.

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Understanding professional standards, CEU’s, and constantly changing regulations can be difficult for any school nutrition director. In our latest Webbie, we look at best practices for professional standards in school nutrition and give tips on tracking compliance.

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PEP Talks | 035 | Hairnets and Aprons

By |November 15th, 2017|

Ever thought to yourself, “I bet I could write a book with all the crazy things that happen to me in child nutrition”? JoAnn Wismer did just that. Tune in as JoAnn shares her experiences […]

Make Your Voice Heard

By |November 7th, 2017|

When Sonny Perdue came into office as the Secretary of Agriculture, his first action was to announce continued flexibility for whole grains and sodium, meeting two requests of the 2017 Position Paper. Furthermore, the USDA […]

Higher Verification Response Rates: In 3 Easy Steps

By |November 6th, 2017|

Verification tends to pose one main challenge: there isn’t enough time, and usually, you’re out of ideas or resources on how to maximize the little of the few that you do have.

Luckily, there are ways to stretch your […]

“Incorporating Primero software into the operation of our department has been the single, most important purchase we have made in the past three years.”
Dorothy Simpson, Director of Food Service, Pearland ISD, TX
“Cybersoft was proactive and continues to be in answering all of our questions and offering solutions to specific concerns or issues that we have at Waco I.S.D. and additionally in providing us with state of the art technology and customized changes to fit our specific needs.”
Cliff Reece, Food Service Director, Waco ISD Child Nutrition Services, TX
“Most software companies only do what they want to do, not what the customer needs. Cybersoft [PrimeroEdge] puts their customers first in every aspect from customer service to enhancements.”
Melody Turner, School Nutrition Director, Wilson County Schools, TN