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PrimeroEdge is an intuitive web-based system offering a proven solution for Direct Certification. Increase collaboration with SFAs to deliver centralized reporting, accountability, and advanced matching techniques in a statewide solution.


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With PrimeroEdge, the state of West Virginia was able to achieve a 100% Direct Certification rate earning them a USDA award for outstanding direct certification performance.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Automate your manual processes and improve accuracy

  • Provide faster notification to qualified families

  • Process DC matches daily with scheduled automatic uploads

  • Achieve a 95% Match Rate or Higher

  • Securely import your Direct Certification data from various sources

  • Facilitate collaboration with SFAs through shared data

  • Get consistent and accurate reporting across SFAs

  • Monitor sponsors Direct Certification compliance

  • Easily match siblings to extend Direct Certification benefits

  • Automatically compare enrollment and provide benefits in real time

  • Provides direct certification for late student enrollees and newly eligible students

User-Friendly Imports

Easily import data containing eligible students from the State Agency’s Department of Health and Human Services daily, monthly or annually, and conduct matches as needed. These imports create a matched and unmatched student database within PrimeroEdge where users can view Direct Certification (DC) matches in real time.

Matching Techniques

Our sophisticated matching algorithm with customized matching criteria for each state includes match merging, phonetic matching and probabilistic matching during the DC process. PrimeroEdge uses Metaphone® and SOUNDEX® phonetic matching which allows names with the same pronunciation to be matched even if there are minor variations in spelling. 90% of matches are made initially during importing of the primary Student Information System (SIS) file by SFAs.

Potential Matches

Supplementing the automated state-level match, the system provides SFA users with robust tools to directly certify unmatched SNAP/TANF/FDPIR children. The system displays a list of unmatched students ranked by high and medium match probabilities.  Possible matches are displayed side-by-side for an easy way to visually compare the records. Users can directly certify the newly-matched student with one click. SFAs can see an additional 4% of matches occur during this phase.

Sibling Extensions

SFAs can extend direct certification matches to siblings of students that were successfully matched based on criteria such as Address, Guardian Name, Previous Applications, Identified Siblings, Last Name, and Case Numbers. Direct Certification can be extended to any unmatched SNAP/TANF students who are siblings of directly certified students. SFAs secure an additional 3% of matches by extending to siblings. Additionally, when an application is being processed, Direct Certification eligibility of a student is not overwritten by the eligibility determined by the application. Direct Certification eligibility of one student on an application will also be extended to other students on that application.

Categorical Eligibilities

Any other files available at the state level besides SNAP, such as Foster, Migrant or Medicaid can be imported by the State Agency. These files can be imported automatically from external agencies.  State Agencies can also easily add other categorical eligibilities. In the case of other categories such as migrant, homeless, runaway, head start, etc, PrimeroEdge allows Direct Certification to happen at the SFA level. SFAs can upload their student files and PrimeroEdge will process a match against relevant files available for direct certification. A matched file can then be accessed by the SFAs.

Secure Centralized Data

Maintain all student and DC data in a secure web-based system. Built-in error checking in the system allows users to view the most accurate data. SFAs have the ability to control their own data, increase the number of children certified as eligible and reduce the current paperwork load.  All data related to the identification of children and their eligibility is secured, allowing access to the least amount of confidential information necessary to meet Direct Certification requirements. State Agencies can map school systems, including non-traditional and city school systems in order to connect state information to all students in their populations.                                                                                                            


Generate custom reports based on any local or state needs, such as the FNS 834. States will be able to aggregate SFA reporting quickly and accurately to gather statewide information. For example, the CEP Report can be utilized to find the percentage of students that qualify for free meals and allow state agencies to determine special provision needs for the coming school year. PrimeroEdge continually updates and maintains all compliance changes.

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