Team Work: Free Professional Standards Software

Team Work is PrimeroEdge’s Professional Standards tracker, but it does more than just log continuing education units (CEUs).

Team Work enables State Agencies to remotely review and access Professional Standards data and trainings, reducing any on-site time that is typically allocated during Administrative Reviews.

Cut out hardware and difficult installations with a fully browser-based tracker that you can access on any device. Team Work can be activated for your entire state without the added hassle of difficult implementations for you or your districts.

At-a-glance views on the Team Work dashboard allow users to see visual statistics for their program. No district employee will trail behind with a dashboard display that captures any expiring certifications, training hour breakdowns, or upcoming training opportunities.

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100% Free
Cooperate Across Sites
Track staff members’ CEUs
Assign CEUs To Multiple Staff Members Instantly
Store All Crucial Documents In One, Secure Place

Forget Paper Records

With Team Work, SFAs can eliminate waste and do away with paper. Team Work stores all records digitally and securely for each employee and training session within the SFA. From diplomas, to certifications, to training certificates – district directors or anyone managing compliance in a district can view where each employee stands in the mission to fulfill all required Professional Standards.

  • Stores Records Digitally

  • View Where Employees Are At With Their Training

  • Reduce Manual Entry With Bulk Imports

PrimeroEdge USDA-Approved

USDA Compliant

Ensure that your state is always in compliance with USDA regulations and storing all your data in ways that ensure statewide success during Administrative Reviews. Team Work is USDA compliant, and has been featured as a key Administrative Reviews tool at the USDA’s Child Nutrition Access & Accountability through Technology (CNAAT) Annual Training.