Improve the way you manage and communicate USDA Foods information to RAs.

Simplify the entire food distribution process, from distributing catalogs to managing transfers, in one centralized web-based system. PrimeroEdge provides a user-friendly experience for state agencies to communicate and provide real-time data to RAs.


Florida Food Distribtion
Utah BOE Food Distribution

Key Benefits & Features

  • Built with pre-loaded USDA items with pricing and nutritional information

  • Access anywhere from any browser to our secure software solution

  • Export reports into multiple file formats to share or send as needed

  • Support all of your agency’s requirements with the system’s flexible configuration settings

  • Seamlessly import files to WBSCM

  • Easily manage commodities in one single accessible platform


Create catalogs for the districts, processors and distributors you serve, and manage their responses. You can also utilize the innovative Truck Builder tool to strategically plan out each shipment. Using this single food distribution platform, you can upload order files and download response files directly from WBSCM.


Food Distribution provides advanced reporting capabilities, with all reports updated in real time. Generate perpetual inventory reports for each transaction at the site level, PAL balance reports to show details of all starting and ending balances, and shippers breakdown reports to indicate how much product was received by each district at a shipping location.


The Food Distribution module allows RAs can submit a transfer to one another for single or multiple items upon approval from the State Agency. At the state level, you can adjust transfer quantities or the impact on entitlement before approving the transfer. Once the transfer is approved and quantities are finalized, a Transfer Worksheet report is automatically built containing all the important transfer details. In addition to RA transfers, PrimeroEdge also supports State and Emergency Transfers.


Experience an all-new recall functionality, to capture and log recalls into the system. Easily search for the receipts with the lot number and date on the product to be recalled, and contact the districts with the product on hand. You can also generate a report of the number of servings of the recalled product served, as well as cases still on hand across the state.


At the state level, there are plenty of things to manage when it comes to USDA Food distribution. Bring it all to a single platform to streamline the management processes for requests, shipping, transfers, receipts, complaints and forms. This module also grants you the ability to enter reminder emails for invoices, catalogs and recalls, as well as a platform to manage USDA item imports and the Bill of Lading from WBSCM.

Accounts Receivable

Use the PrimeroEdge Food Distribution module to create invoices based on the amount of product received at each system. You can also mark invoices as paid through this platform, and track the age of each invoice in the system.

Entitlement Allocations

PrimeroEdge calculates entitlements for each RA based on its lunch reimbursement claims. The State can also set amounts of funds available for fresh produce through DoD. State agencies can take unused entitlements and unused foods already in the possession of distributors and processors and re-allocate them to other recipients in the form of surplus or bonus entitlements.


State agencies can select items from the state account, specify Open and Close dates, and publish the advertisement to specific recipient agencies. Just like the Transfer functionality, the SA can make the necessary adjustments and approvals, generate and send the Transfer Worksheet, and complete the advertisement.


Food Distribution is configured to handle the critical exchanges that must occur between PrimeroEdge and WBSCM, and is integrated with other PrimeroEdge modules such as Inventory and Menu Planning. This means easy importing into WBSCM approved formats, and up to date data exchange in Inventory and Menu Planning to provide helpful forecasting.

State Inventory

Manage inventory across the state with features such as order lookup, item search, entitlement tracking, and the ability to create adjustments or transfers between your SFAs.

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