Improve the way you manage and report USDA Foods information for LEAs.

Simplified Commodity Management

Improve the communication between your State Agency and the districts you serve.

So much work is involved when it comes to the distribution of USDA Foods. PrimeroEdge simplifies these processes by consolidating them to one platform, accessible by both the State Agency and the school districts they serve.

Easily manage the food distribution process by distributing catalogs and tracking responses, managing shipping, transfers and requests of USDA Foods, capturing and logging recalls into the system, and more.

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Create catalogs for the districts, processors and distributors you serve, and manage their responses. You can also utilize the innovative Truck Builder Tool to strategically plan out each shipment. Using this single food distribution platform, you can upload order files and download response files directly from WBSCM.

PrimeroEdge Food Distribution provides advanced reporting capabilities, with all reports updated in real time. Generate perpetual inventory reports for each transaction at the site level, PAL balance reports to show details of all starting and ending balances, and shippers breakdown reports to indicate how much product was received by each district at a shipping location.

Experience an all-new recall functionality, to capture and log recalls into the system. Easily search for the receipts with the lot number and date on the product to be recalled, and contact the districts with the product on hand. You can also generate a report of the number of servings of the recalled product served, as well as cases still on hand across the state.

At the state level, there are plenty of things to manage when it comes to USDA Food distribution. Bring it all to a single platform to streamline the management processes for requests, shipping, transfers, receipts, complaints and forms.

Use the PrimeroEdge Food Distribution module to create invoices based on the amount of product received at each system. You can also mark invoices as paid through this platform, and track the age of each invoice in the system.

PrimeroEdge Food Distribution allows you to access preloaded USDA items with pricing and nutritional information. This module also grants you the ability to enter reminder emails for invoices, catalogs and recalls, as well as a platform to manage USDA item imports and the Bill of Lading from WBSCM.


  • Georgia Department of Education

  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services