Administrative Reviews All In One Place

PrimeroEdge’s Administrative Reviews module is USDA Compliant and you’ll find all programs your State agency reviews in one place.

  • School Nutrition Programs (NSLP, SBP, SSO)

  • SFSP


Administrative-Reviews-Tablet V2

Easy-View Calendars

Allow each Reviewer to schedule their On-Site visits, and give States greater oversight in managing accurate state-wide coverage.

Get Up To Speed

Increase efficiency with online help tools that assist reviewers and districts in completing all tasks.

Security Guaranteed

Give access to the right people and track user changes to increase accountability in your state.

Maximize On-Site Time

Maximize productivity by limiting your time on-site. With remote reviewing capabilities when your reviewers arrive to districts, they will be prepared to tackle the specific challenges they face. 

Districts can now plan and prepare for on-site visits by completing essential off-site documentation ahead of time.

Browser-based and mobile software ensures that Reviewers can complete reviews onsite from their laptops, phones, or tablets. 

Offline capabilities guarantee that Administrative Review forms will be available for Reviewers to complete, even when there may not be internet access. 

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Reduce Administrative Burdens

Don’t delay publishing findings – easy reporting generation gets a boost with PrimeroEdge through state-by-state customization and exporting capabilities.

PrimeroEdge reduces the calculation work of Fiscal Action. Calculate Fiscal Action automatically with ability for your State Agency Reviewer to override and/or make edits.

Save time and make all review notifications a breeze with customizable letter templates that can be emailed or printed.

Streamline Reviews by storing and organizing all paperwork and forms in one place. Storing these document digitally not only reduced waste, but also ensures paperwork and organize forms in one place for the Reviewer and the SFAs.

Administrative Reviews allows School Food Authorities to submit corrective action plans online and upload supporting documentation for State Agencies.

Increase Communication Between You And SFAs

  • Enhance communication with statewide broadcast messages that keep everyone in the loop. 

  • Direct Messaging between Reviewers and SFAs guarantees that time sensitive information is addressed immediately. 

  • View history of both letters sent to districts and direct messages between districts and reviewers.